3 Tools to Create Square Video for Social Media

You probably already know that video marketing is dominating the world of social media marketing, but do you know that square videos are taking the lead over standard landscape videos? When you consider that square videos take up 78% more real estate in newsfeeds than landscape videos, it is easy to understand why so many are switching their videos to square video. Aside from the benefits of its exposure in a newsfeed, using square video also offers several formatting options. Options include square, letterbox with text and letterbox without text.

It is important to keep square video and its formatting options in mind as you develop your video marketing plan. If “square video” is a brand-new term to you, don’t fret. There are several easy-to-use tools that will help you master the art of creating square videos.

Below you will find 3 low cost and low tech tools (in no particular order) to create a square video for your social media channels.


COST - FREE or $49.00/Month

Lumen5 is a video content platform that takes your original content and transforms it into a video. Businesses can easily take their blog content and create a formatted video that can then be shared to various platforms in order to increase visibility and overall engagement with the content.

As one of the first video creation platforms that allows you to create video from your own content, Lumen5 is a popular choice among amateur video content creators. All it takes is a simple copy and paste of your content's URL into their website.


One of our favorite features of Lumen5 is its' Smart Templates features. Lumen5 will automatically create videos with content from your RSS feed and send them right to your inbox. Sound easy enough for you?



COST - $8 - $34/Month | FREE 14-day Trial

Animoto has several features that make creating square videos easy!

  • Marketing Video Builder: Allows you to drag and drop marketing videos that is made to allow your videos to be viewed well on social media as well as other sites.
  • The Slideshow Video Builder: Allows you to choose from a variety of video styles, turn your photos and video clips into your own slideshow to post.
  • Mobile App: You can create videos right at your fingertips! With the flexibility of using the mobile app, this tool is easy to maneuver and allows you to work from anywhere, anytime inspiration hits!

Once you log in and click 'CREATE,' you'll be taken to a screen with the option to choose the Slideshow Video Builder (now called Animoto Memories) or the Marketing Video Builder.


Memories Slideshow Templates

Animoto_Memories_Video Style.png

Marketing Video Builder Templates



Our 3rd tool should excite you! Most of us already have access to Microsoft PowerPoint on our computers and if you do, this tool is free! Using PowerPoint to create square videos is possibly the best option for novices. Not only is PowerPoint straight forward and easy-to-use but most of us already have some knowledge of how to navigate the program. Unlike some of the other tools, PowerPoint is solely desktop based, meaning it does not offer a mobile option. If creating videos on the go is a must for you, then cross PowerPoint off your list of possibilities.

square video powerpoint

Thanks to great tools like Lumen5, Animoto and PowerPoint, creating square videos is just another easy step towards creating great content.

Looking to incorporate social media videos into your marketing strategy, let's hop on a call and see how Cafe and Laptop can help.