30 Days of Facebook Posts Ideas

Facebook is a great platform to hang out on for so many different reasons.  I get my news on Facebook, I stay connected with my family through Facebook, I watch funny cat videos directly on Facebook, and I get motivated by Gary Vee’s morning videos on Facebook!  Seriously, when I think of the ultimate social media platform, Facebook could just be it.  

Facebook is not only great personally, but professionally.  If used correctly, it has the potential to be an amazing marketing tool.  Social Media is ultimately there to inspire us, entertain us, engage us, and educate us.  

As we start a new month (and a new challenge in the Social Business Café), I want to challenge all of you to create a more engaging Facebook experience for your followers.  Below are 30 days of Facebook post ideas you can “borrow” to build your super engaged audience.

Day 1 – Welcome everyone to a start of a new month.  I already posted my welcome and reminded my audience that September is my birthday month!

Day 2 – Selfie Friday - These can be really fun. Take a selfie and share with your audience.  Let them see the "real" you!

Day 3 – Say it with an emoji.  Ask you audience a question and tell them to only respond with emojis! 

Day 4 – Ask a question - What do you want to learn from your audience; ask them that.  Another great option when it comes to questions is fill in the blanks!

Day 5 -   What does your business do?  Let your audience know what your business is about and how you stand out from the crowd.

Day 6 – What are you drinking – coffee or tea (or based on the moment, a little wine)

We use this one in the Social Business Café rather often.  My group knows I am a big coffee drinker - no tea in my house!

Day 7 – What are you reading? Are you reading any great books, even magazines?  What about blogs.  Let your audience know what you are reading and find out what they are reading too.

Day 8 – Behind the scenes – what are you working on? Show them what you are working on, the before and after, etc.

Day 9 - What does your business do? Explain to you audience what you do and what makes you stand out from the competition.

Day 10 – Video Time!!! Ok, you can chose to create a video and upload it or simple go all out and do a Facebook Live!

Day 11 – What does your work place look like?

Day 12 – Humor is always a good one.  If you are not funny, there are plenty of memes out there to chose from!

Day 13 – Share your latest blog post.

Day 14- - Motivational quote.  These are my favorite.  You can easily create a few motivational quotes via Canva.

Day 15 – Mailing list time.  Invite your audience to sign up for your email list.  Give them a reason to be part of your community.

Day 16 – Share a customer testimonial or success story.  Let them know what great things your clients saying about you.

Day 17 – Freebie – come up with a kick butt optin to offer your audience. Everybody loves a good freebie!

Day 18 – Where are you from? 

Day 19 - Your story – why did you start doing what you do?

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Day 20 - Numbers!!! – Share a stat that will blow their mind about your industry.

Day 21 – What are you eating?

Day 22 – 5 little-known facts about you

Day 23 – What you can’t live without.

Day 24 – Share your theme song – what are you bopping to right now.

Day 25 – Display a feature product or service.

Day 26 – Favorite app.  This one can be really fun, and a great way to learn about some apps that are already out there.

Day 27 – Iphone or android - everyone knows I am #TeamAndroid!

Day 28 – When you are most productive? Are you a night owl or day bird?

Day 29 – Share best practices and what you may have learned this past month.

Day 30 – Coming soon.  Let them know what to expect next month and thank them for being part of your community.

Outside of just posting these ideas directly on Facebook, consider joining our 30Days2FBSuccess Challenge and try boosting some of your posts to get your audience more engaged.  I would love to know if you are using these and how they are working for you!