5 Ways Canva Helps Boost Your Online Presence

Before we go any further, let me say that I am a recovering tech junkie...okay, not recovering, but when you say that people seem a little more compassionate.  The truth is, I am a tech junkie and I'm proud.  I love technology that helps boost my online presence, is simple to use, and is affordable for the small business owner.  With that said, I want to introduce you to Canva!


I am a huge fan of Canva because I believe it is one of a few design applications all entrepreneurs and small business owners must have in their online toolbox.  Canva is a simple desktop and mobile product that allows you to create any number of digital assets. Digital assets meaning, social media images, pdf downloads, digital advertisements, powerpoint presentations, and so much more.

Now that you know a little about Canva, here is how I think it can help boost your online presence:


Still not convinced, read more below:

1.  Social Media Graphics - did you know that social shares with images get 94% more views?  Seriously, it's true, and Canva can help you create some awesome social media graphics for FREE!!!

canva_social media graphics

 2.  Facebook Ads - Ok, this is a tough one, because not many people like to pay for ads, but if you are running a business, you need to advertise, and well, Facebook or andy digital space will require beautiful click-worthy ads.  Well, Canva has you covered in this area as well.  There are amazing ad templates that you can use to create images for your advertisements.

canva_facebook ads

 3.  Blog Post Images - Visual content is a major component of blogging.  People are extremely busy and creating a visually appealing blog post header image can significantly increase the likelihood of someone reading your blog post. So, of course, Canva helps you create blog post images!

canva_blog post

 4.  PDF Optins and Worksheets - If you are growing a business, you are probably told that you must create an email list of potentially interested clients.  One of the easiest ways to do this is by providing essentially free material to your readers.  Creating and offering a pdf downloadable or worksheet is a great way to build your email list.  Yet again, Canva has you covered in this area as well.


 5.  Presentations - I will be conducting a live training tomorrow on how to use Canva.  One of the things I do when I provide a training or workshop is create a power point deck (with at least 2 or three slides).  Well, you can create branded presentations in Canva as well!


 Seriously, it can't get better than this...but it can!  Canva allows you to create all this and more. You can sign up for a free Canva account here .  Still need help with your graphics or standing out online, book a consultation today -->