Best Planners for 2019

With 2019 just around the corner you’ve undoubtedly begun envisioning the goals you are going to crush next year. But have you thought about how you will keep track of those goals? What about meetings? Personal appointments? Family events? If you answered no to any of those questions, you need a plan, or rather, a planner.

If you are hung up on deciding what type of planner is worth your investment, you’re not alone. Finding a planner that doesn’t just meet your needs but also matches your style is important. The truth is, if you aren’t excited about planning, you probably won’t. That’s why we decided to make it easy for you with a review of the top planners on the market today. All of which have come personally recommended to me by dear friends and colleagues.

Passion Planner

The title says it all. The Passion Planner not only keeps you up to speed on your daily activities but it also helps keep you focused on what you’re most passionate about. This planner was created with the intent to help people not just determine what their goals are but to also help keep those goals at the forefront the mind by helping you evaluate how your personal daily decisions are affecting your success.
The Passion Planner is currently offered in 4 styles: The Eco Line, The Dated, The Undated and The Academic. With a variety of colors and prices ranging from $15.00 - $30.00, The Passion Planner gives you something to well, be passionate about. 

passion planner - best planner 2019

PS - you can even get a digital sample of this planner for FREE!

Before we move onto the next planner, I wanted to mention one of the non-planner reasons the Passion Planner is near and dear to me. Their Buy One Give One ensures that your purchase makes a direct impact in someone else’s life.


The Bullet Journal

Leave it to a guy in Brooklyn to create a planner that isn’t a planner. You read that right, The Bullet Journal instead enhances traditional notetaking into a system of modules. Referred to as the BuJo, this planner can exist in any notepad or journal, if you have a pen and the BuJo system.

Confused? Don’t be! Founder Ryder Carroll has created a system of notetaking that exists within individual modules, which helps you collect and organize your notes and journal entries into actionable tasks. The modules can be mixed and matched to suit your specific needs.
When you visit Bullet Journal’s website, you will be taken through exactly how to use the BuJo system without having to buy an actual planner. In fact, I use this this system with a Moleskine dotted notebook

best planner 2019 cafe and laptop


The Visionary Journal

If you have a vision, plan for it! While like the Passion Planner, this planner is unique in the sense that it has a dedicated and purposeful focus on “vision planning”. There are pages in the planner meant to act as a vision board, where you are encouraged to fill the spaces with inspiring images. Once you create your vision, there are pages where you will break the vision down into a 90-day action plan and from there you will break down your 90-day plan into weekly commitments.

If you are a visual person, this planner is without a doubt the one for you! Currently available at The Visionary Journal for $50.

Ink + Volt Planner

If you love the idea of a sleek traditional notebook, with all the functionality of a planner, the Ink+Volt Planner should be on your list. Created from a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, this planner has and continues to be refined. Founder, Kate Matsudaira, has committed Ink+Volt to evolving the planner’s layout and materials with each update based on feedback from users.

ink volt planner cafe and laptop.png

With Ink+Volt you can either download printable pages or purchase a complete planner on their website. There are achievement trackers, monthly planning pages, inspiration pages and more options that can help motivate and keep you focused. If you crave a little sophistication in your planning, this is the planner for you. 

The Daily Greatness Planner

Who doesn’t want to be great daily? This planner prides itself on being a practical guide for consciously creating your days. This planner strives to help you create better habits through 8 daily steps of meditation and visualization, intentions, dream journalling, gratitude, evening self-awareness questions, exercise, inspired actions and inspiration. Pages not only include day-to-day task management but also a gratitude journal, life clarity worksheets, reminders to stay on track and much more.

daily greatness.png

If you have a specific goal or passion in mind, there may just be a Daily Greatness Planner for it. With topics such as parenting, wellness, and business you can find a planner that has specific inspirations and tools to help meet your personal and professional goals. 

The SELF Journal

The SELF Journal is possibly the most comprehensive planner we have reviewed in our research. This planner has a deep focus on goal-setting, success tactics, mindfulness and productivity.

self journal.png

Created from the determination that what separates outstanding performers to average performers is simply a lack of planning. That is why the journal is broken down into 3 sections: daily, weekly and monthly. Each section helps you break down your long-term or short-term goals and helps you track accomplishments. Created for busy, performance driven professionals, this planner is not just for task tracking but for productivity tracking.

The Content Planner

Now what kind of social media geek would I be if I did not share a social media managing type of a planner?  The Content Planner is a physical planner designed to help entrepreneurs effectively plan their social media and blog content month-to-month. 

We challenge you to make 2019 not just a year of planning but a year of seeing your goals become reality. If you purchase one of the planners above, let us know! Remember, success doesn’t just happen, it is planned for.

NOTE:  I am a proud affiliate for many of the planners mentioned above.   If you purchase one via my link I will get a small commission.