Bye Bye 2015, Hello 2016


I seriously can't believe 2015 is over.  Well, we actually have two more days, but still. I have been working diligently on completing Leonie Dawson's Create Your Shining Biz Planner which makes you reflect on the past year, before ever looking at the coming year.  This is such a great exercise and for me I can not begin to believe all the things I have accomplished.

In Feb 2015, I launched by business website.  I just recently started blogging and have written approximately 6 blog posts (not so good), sent out 43 emails (almost weekly), did 6 webinars, conducted 26 LIVE social media trainings, created two small e-courses, was booked for two speaking engagements, was a guest speaker for three different training programs, managed the social media presence of a well known beauty company, created a one of a kind Hybrid Social Media Coaching Program and assisted 15 entrepreneurs in successfully building their online business.  Holy moly!!!

I'll be honest, I didn't realize I had accomplished all this in less than one year of full-time business. Let me be honest, the road was not easy and I sure as hell did not do it alone.

Here are some of the things that I believe helped me this past year:


Well, these guys are my WHY and my ROCK.  Not only am I lucky enough to have a super supportive husband, my kids are probably the best cheerleaders anyone can ask for, and parents and brother ROCK. My "Tantetante" (aunt), is also someone that has shown tremendous amounts of support for this super scary business endeavor.


We just came up with that name, but this is my business bestie (never thought I would use this word).  This girl has been my sounding board for some of my craziest ideas and has been there to listen to all my s@#$ this past year.  We chat every Monday not only about business but about life as an entrepreneur.  Thanks Makeda!!!


My business is about training, so why would I not follow my own advise.  This year I invested in several trainings that I feel increased my knowledge base.  Some of my favorite trainings were Andrea Vahl's Facebook Advertising Secrets and Create Awesome Online Trainings by David Siteman Garland.


OMG, I can not begin to tell you how important networking is in creating a successful business.  And please, networking is not just posting things here and there in Facebook Groups, it's actually about creating connections with people, and maintaining those relationships.


I wanted to acknowledge this group, because I realized that there are people who have been watching me and just sending me supportive inbox messages on Facebook or just sending people my way.  I feel like I do not thank this group enough, but this group deserves a huge shout out.  The little messages of support mean so much.  The lesson with this group is, you never know who is watching you or where your next client is coming from.

So, what lessons have I learned?  Too many to count, but here's what I know for sure:


When I first started out, I truly believed that everyone knew more than me, I was DEAD WRONG!  Each time I went against my intuition, didn't pan out so well.  I have learned to follow my gut a little more and create a truly authentic business experience for myself and my clients.


I teach people to create systems in their business, but in the beginning I did not create enough of them for myself.  I wish I had created them earlier, but they are now there and as I enter 2016, I will be creating more standard operating procedures in my business and will definitely use Trello to house them.  PS - Trello is my go to project management tool.


I love when people work with me and say, "Damn Daphné, you know your s@#$!"  The thing is, I need to increase my visibility and let more people know that I know my s!@#$.  Some of my plans for 2016 include using live streaming more often and more consistently, grow my Facebook Group ~ The Social Biz Café, and blog more.

Well, bye, bye 2015 and hello 2016!!! I look forward to all the new people I will be working with and supporting, but also, I am really looking forward to seeing what I will accomplish in 2016.

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