Facebook Personal Profiles VS. Facebook Business Pages

We’ve all seen the posts. One of our personal Facebook friends has joined a direct-sales company and they are posting all sorts of things about the shake, make-up or workout program they are trying to sell.

What you probably don’t know (and they most certainly don’t know) is that posting anything “business” related on a personal Facebook profile violates Facebook’s Terms. Take-a-look at the exact verbiage from Facebook’s website below.

It's against the Facebook Terms to use your personal account to represent something other than yourself (example: your business), and you could permanently lose access to your account if you don't convert it to a Page.

Serious stuff, right? Maybe you haven’t switched to a business page because you are unsure of the value in doing so. Maybe, you simply didn’t know this was against the rules. Either way, I believe if you are going to do social media the “right” way, then you should follow each platforms terms of use. Now that you know this rule, let’s talk about why a Facebook business page may be just what your social media strategy has been looking for.

Facebook Page Analytics
Facebook created the business page option with a purpose in mind. This tool was specifically designed to give businesses the features they need to more easily reach their target customers. When you create your business page you will instantly have access to analytics such as individual post reach. This information will help you gauge how many people are seeing your posts.

Post Reach.png

Facebook analytics will go one step further and track the engagement you have on each post, so you can begin tracking what types of posts are most successful with your audience.

Perhaps one of the coolest analytics available with a business page is the Total Actions on Page tool. This tool makes it easy to see how many people have clicked through to your website, clicked on your business phone number or anything other call-to-action button. It doesn’t stop there, you can also sort that data by age and gender, city and even what device your page was viewed on.

Total Actions on Page.png

Facebook Advertising
Unlike personal profiles you have the opportunity to create Ads and boost your posts on a business page. You may think this is unnecessary but as we continue to see the data on paid vs. organic reach, paid posts undoubtedly deliver a return on investment to businesses. If you are just starting out with your Facebook business page, I strongly suggest having a budget in mind for boosting posts and possibly creating some ads. In the early stages of a page, engagement is tough. Having a small spending budget to get your page noticed is highly recommended.

Facebook Strategy and Scheduling.
Going to be out of the office for a while? With a business page, that doesn’t matter! You can pre-schedule posts weeks and months in advance!

Be sure to use your analytic tools when scheduling and schedule your posts for optimal times and days!

When your fans are online.png

Need someone to help you keep up your engagement on the page while you are on vacation? No sweat! Facebook business pages allow you to add other users as “admins” to the page. They can act as the page on your behalf while you are out of the office.

Page roles.png

Facebook Validation
Not having a Business Page on Facebook has other unseen disadvantages. Like it or not, many consumers search out businesses on social media to learn more about the company and/or products. If they cannot find your business on Facebook, it may give them the impression that you are out-of-touch with the technology consumers crave, resulting in them taking their business elsewhere.

Don’t run the risk of being viewed as a fuddy-duddy. Or even worse, having your personal profile suspended for posting business related posts. Switch to or create a Facebook business page today! If you need help or have question during the process, we are here to help!