Getting the Most of Your Social Media Ads

Now more than ever, social media ads are proving to be a critical component of the marketing strategy of any business seeking to make a good impression online.

Data certainly supports this, as research shows that 95% of online users aged 18 to 34 years old are more likely to follow a brand through social networking. And in a digitally interconnected world, being on social media is an absolute must.

Not all social media advertising strategies are effective, though. The success of your ad campaigns will depend on how well you execute them. Fortunately, there are some best practices that you can observe to help you get the best return on your investment.

Getting the Most out of Your Social Media Ads.png

Make sure you know who you’re targeting.

The shotgun approach really doesn’t work well when it comes to advertising, and social media ads are no exception. The great thing about social media, though, is that it affects you to specifically target the members of the global audience whose attention you want to capture. You can target audiences based on their demographics, their hobbies, and even their pop culture favorites. With such tools and capabilities at your disposal, a little bit of effort in targeting will certainly go a long way.

Don’t just stick to a single ad - switch things up.

Have you ever sat down to watch TV, seen an overplayed ad, and said to yourself, “I’ve seen this ad a million times - I hate it! Time to switch the channel”? Take that feeling of annoyance and apply it to social media, where the effects of repetition are even more pronounced (and devastating). Sticking to just one ad will not get you good results. In fact, your target audience may even get bored or sick of seeing your product, and end up unfollowing you. Be sure that you have a healthy assortment of ads in different styles and with different copy, just to keep things new and exciting for your target market.

Test your ads before (and when) you run them.

Advertising on social media costs money, so you’ll want to make sure that you get things right before you start spending. Fortunately, you can easily test the waters on the most popular social media platforms, even without spending a single dollar. Simply keep track of your posts and pay attention to the ones that are getting the greatest level of engagement. The updates that are more frequently shared and commented on by your audience are most likely the ones with more effective messaging. As for ads you’ve already run - remember the earlier tip on having several ads in your arsenal? You can also track how well your ads are doing by testing them out to a small audience first. This way, you can automatically see how you can improve your ads without spending too much money.

Don’t forget to factor in mobile responsiveness!

The majority of online users are on a mobile device - perhaps a smartphone or a tablet - at any given time. Now, imagine looking at an ad designed for a computer screen, except on a device with a screen smaller than your hand. Irritating, right? Good thing you can design your ads to be mobile-responsive, which means they’ll adjust and resize themselves to display well on a mobile screen.

Here’s a bonus piece of advice: Not all ad strategies work at the same level of effectiveness for all platforms. From character count to text-to-image ratio limitations, each of the popular social media platforms out there necessitate their own advertising styles and tactics. The best way to maximize your investment is to know the rules for the specific platform you want to advertise on, and then test your ads to see which ones work best.

With an effective social media advertising strategy, you can accomplish your engagement, community-building, and social selling goals with ease. Just keep these best practices in mind, and you’ll be reaping the fruits of your efforts in no time.

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