Google Plus Shortcuts & Formatting Tips


Did you know that there are some pretty cool keyboard shortcuts in Google +?Seriously, these simple Google Plus shortcuts have made life so much easier for me. So, what are the Google + shortcuts and how do you find them?

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First, click on any empty space on Google Plus and use the following keys:

[table id=1 /]

Next, if you are anything like me, you may not even remember all these shortcuts. The trick is to remember this ONE thing - click anywhere on Google Plus and press the “?” and this great shortcut key will popup!


Before I go, I wanted to also mention that you can manually format your fonts in Google Plus as well. Basically, you can bold, italicize, strike thru, etc. All you have to do is add the shortcut symbol before and after the text.

Shortcut / Action Result

* (italics) bolds text  *bold* = bold_ (underscore) italicizes text _italicize_ = italicize - (dash) strikes through the text -strikethrough- = strikethrough

So what do you think about these keyboard shortcuts?  How about the formatting tips?  Let me know!