Join The Social Business Cafe

The Social Business Café is a free Facebook Group created specifically for the solopreneur and small business owner who is in search of a community of other DIY Entrepreneurs. The group is social media, tech, and entrepreneur specific.


The Facebook Group provides a number of support services such as:

  • opportunities to practice Facebook Live Video content (prompts are provided)

  • monthly blog shares and/or promotional opportunities

  • monthly expert trainings that we like to call the #expertcafe which gives you the opportunity, as a member of the group, to do a live training on your expertise

  • weekly question and answer opportunities including specialty member only giveaways, trainings, and audits:

Daily social media, tech tips, and curated content to grow your business

Monthly #ToolBoxCafe which are free video trainings inside the group where I walk you through step by step on how to use a specific tech or social media tool:

As with everything else, there are rules. As a member of the Social Business Café:

  • You understand that the success of the group in part requires your participation -
  • You are given the opportunity to participate in the monthly expert café and/or member spotlight.
  • You cannot promote your business (except for the surprise promo post done monthly)

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