Should You Really Be On LinkedIn?

The social media platform LinkedIn was designed with the corporate professional in mind, which is why it’s no surprise that it now has over 500 million users.

Yes, LinkedIn has transformed into a job market of sorts, full of job-seekers looking for a wider network and great employment opportunities, employees who post their awards and certifications with the intent of moving up the corporate ladder, and recruiters in search of the perfect candidates to fill the open positions in their company.

should you be on linkedin

However, there’s more to LinkedIn than meets the eye, especially if you’re a business owner who places a greater emphasis on nurturing existing leads and generating new ones. Here’s a list of reasons why having a LinkedIn Company Page should be a part of your social media strategy.

Five advantages of being on LinkedIn

1.  LinkedIn Provides Better Leads and is a Great Sales Generation Tool.
With LinkedIn, you can attract exactly the kind of clients you’re looking for. All you need to do is keep your LinkedIn company page updated, not just with your company’s relevant information, but also with helpful resources for your target market. If you’re looking to generate more sales, you can also increase your chances by targeting specific clients through filtered search options.

2.  LinkedIn Offers Enhanced Credibility and Personal Branding.
With an updated LinkedIn company page, the people whose attention you want to grab are more likely to see your company as a legitimate and credible establishment. In the previous item, we mentioned that you should keep your account updated with great content for your potential clients. If you position yourself as an industry expert or leader, your followers are more likely to keep you as the top-of-mind option in case they need something that you happen to be offering. 
Furthermore, you can update your LinkedIn presence to reflect who you are as an organization and to further strengthen your brand. You can share all the awards and recognition that you have received over the years, to further cement your reputation as a rising (if not “already there”) industry leader.

microsoft linkedin company page

3.  LinkedIn has a Wider Reach and offers Better Exposure.
Another great thing about being active on LinkedIn is that you’ll have the chance to make a good impression on your target market when they search for keywords relevant to your industry (or even the name of your company, if they wanted to look you up). With search engine-optimized content, you’re sure to dominate Google’s results pages.

4.  LinkedIn has the ability to Attract Your Industry’s Best Talents.
It’s hard to talk about LinkedIn without mentioning what perhaps is its most obvious benefit. Out of the aforementioned half-billion LinkedIn users out there, about a tenth are highly skilled, well-trained new graduates and job-seekers who are ripe for the picking. If you have an HR team handling social media management and hiring tasks for you, make sure they are well-versed in using LinkedIn’s search function. They’ll definitely be able to find the best people to join your organization.

5.  LinkedIn Connects You with a Higher Quality Business Network.
Ever heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”? In this case, you’ll certainly find other avians on LinkedIn with equally melodious chirping or plumage that’s just as colorful as yours. With a network of like-minded individuals -- same work ethic, same priorities, same goals -- your business will definitely soar.
LinkedIn is one of the most useful not-so-secret tricks you can have up your sleeve. Make the most out of it by recognizing the value of its multiple features to your business -- and by incorporating the platform into your overall social media strategy.