What the Hashtag?


If you are anything like me, you remember when this symbol —> # was called the pound sign or even a number sign.  With an ever evolving digital world, this simple little symbol , otherwise known as a hashtag, is how things are categorized and how we search things in the digital arena. Okay, let me back up…

Even though there is no real “start” date for the current use of a hashtag, many people believe it stems from this original tweet from Chris Messina.


This tweet was sent out in late 2007 and by 2009, the hashtag phenomena took over Twitter.  Hashtags are now considered standard on twitter and in almost every major social media platform.

Hashtags are created by adding a number sign with a word or phrase.  Hashtagging creates a "tag" and categorizes content to be searchable.  The cool thing about hashtags, is once it is created, it creates a hyperlink to all other hashtags within that particular social platform.

Things to keep in mind when using hashtags:

  • Keep them simple
  • Make them relevant
  • #do #not #use #them #like #this
  • Create a business hashtag, for example, I use #cafeandlaptop
  • Leverage trending hashtags
  • Do not over use them
  • A hashtag is NOT a sentence
  • When creating your own, make it catchy and easy to remember

[Tweet "8 things to keep in mind when using a hashtag - #this #is #not #one #of #them"]

Now that you know a little more about hashtags, will you be using them in your social media strategy?  Have you used hashtags?

For more information on using hashtags, check out this really great infographic created by QuickSprout on how to leverage hashtags in your overall social media strategy.

The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

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Quick Sprout