What's an Idea Notebook and Why You Need One

During the Moms and Biz BLAB Show, I suggested that all entrepreneurs should have an idea notebook.  But what the hell is an Idea Notebook and Why do you need one?  An Idea notebook is simply a place (ideally a notebook) that you keep all your ideas - for blog ideas, product creation, and email topics, advertising, etc.  This is a great way to organize and catalog all your amazing ideas in one location. As a business owner, we are sometimes as good as our next big idea - and this notebook, in essence,  is a great way to catalog your next BIG Idea.

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Steps to Success:

  1.  Purchase a notebook.  You can find some really cool and inspiring notebooks at HomeGoods or Michaels.  Another favorite is getting a personalized notebook from Poppin. Now, if you are totally against paper, you can harness the power of Evernote as an electronic idea notebook.
  2. Keep the notebook with you at all times, because you never know when something will pop into your head.  Sadly for me, my great ideas are always formed while taking a shower, so I still working out a waterproof paper idea.
  3. This is the easy part, whenever you have an idea, jot it down in your notebook.  Trust me, you never know when you'll use it.  I have actually come up with some great webinar and training topics using an idea notebook.
  4. This last step is the key to success. Schedule time to review what's in your notebook.  Cross out the things that you have accomplished and expand on your ideas when you can.  I try to review my idea notebook on a weekly basis, but I think it may be even more productive if I spend a few minutes each night to review my ideas.

So, here's what I want to know, do you have an idea notebook?  How are you using it?  Are you using the pen and paper type or going all electronic with Evernote.