Why Images Are Important for Social Media

Gone are the days of text only, and in many cases, gone are the days that people will actually invest time reading. Your content must either be stellar, quick and to the point, or something that your reader already has a vested interest in learning. No matter where you go online, you’ll see images in some way, shape, or form.


If you were to do a Google search for any topic in the world, you’ll notice that one category of the search results is called “Images.” In this example, I searched for the word “invisible.”

If you click on the “Images” tab of your Google search, you’ll see images that help explain what “invisible” means. This literally gives a clearer picture(s) of what “invisible” means if you had any question of it's meaning from the text definition on the previous page.

Here are 5 more reasons why images are important for your social media profiles:

Eye-catching images and graphics attract in a way that words alone may not. They also help to clearly explain in a way that text alone may not be able to. The post below is a screen shot of a post that I made to alert my fans of the ability to now do a Facebook live stream video from their desktop. For someone who’s not as savvy with using Facebook, this post could have been helpful in directing them in exactly where they could go to find the Facebook live icon from their desktop.


Anytime you create a custom graphic or if you have a designer, who creates custom graphics for you, always include your logo on your images. If you don’t currently have a logo, you can start by listing your website on your graphics. Branding builds trust and when you’re looking to buy a certain product or service, whatever is in your brain’s branding memory files will surface. For example, if you want to go buy a soda, you might instantly think about Coca-Cola or Pepsi and even see an image of their brand in your mind. What brand comes to mind when you think of a buying a hamburger or buying a new computer?  


Use online graphics and images to display your personal quotes, inspirational messages, and personal events. This is a great way to brand yourself as a thought leader and showcase your style. If you’re a graphic designer or specialize in creating social media or online graphics, what better way to showcase your skills than creating your own custom graphics?
Below are two images I used to get the word out about my Facebook live sessions - one is an animated version of me and the other is a real clipped photo within the graphic.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are highly visual. Using an image automatically stems some type of emotional response whether it’s happy, sad, angry or indifferent. Adding visual pieces to your social media marketing helps to increase engagement and increases share-ability. Blog posts and social media posts that include images tend to get more views, engagement and shares.


Re-purpose written content in a fun way using infographics! An infographic is a creative, aesthetic way to explain how to do something or provide statistics in a chart, graph, or list form.
Having a graphic designer on your team to create all your graphics and visuals is ideal. If you don’t have a graphic designer, check out my post on 5 Ways Canva Helps Boost Your Online Presence, and be sure to download the 10 Free Social Media Graphics examples at the end of the post for use on any social media platform!

How are you using images to stand out on social media?  Need help with your social media graphics, check out our image packages here.