The Social Minute - Episode 1 - Is Twitter Dead?

May 30th, marks the official launch of Twitter's "go live with guest" option. This feature has been rolling out for some time, but as of today, this feature is available to all users of the app.

It allows you to bring in three additional guest to your livestream. As other social media platforms are recognizing the importance of live streaming capabilities, it's great to see how Twitter is trying to reinvent themselves with this particular feature. Unlike Instagram live which allows you to see the guest, Twitter live with guest only brings in the audio of the guest. This is a great opportunity for those live streaming events to get the perspectives of others. This also makes us question, what will happen to Periscope? Will Twitter with guest take over? Do you see this as a feature you will be using or is Twitter just dead and trying to keep itself above water.

Thank you for joining me on today's Social Minute.