Meet Daphné


Daphné F Leblanc
Owner, Social Media Strategist


How we can work together:

  • One-on-one social media and business coaching
  • Small, customized group workshops
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media consultations and strategy





Hi, I’m Daphne F. Leblanc.  A client recently referred to me as her business personal trainer, and I liked it! To put it more specifically, I am a social media strategist, business coach, and personal trainer for your individual internet goals. I founded Café and Laptop to help people make the necessary social connections for success in life and business through a set of simple, fun, and strategic methods.  I help people navigate the amazing world of social media and help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners gain clarity on their business and help them launch their products and services. As my client coined me, I’m a business personal trainer who works to help you find your best self, both offline and online, in order to profit from your passion! LEARN HOW WE CAN WORK TOGETHER HERE.


Why work with me:

  • I have over 15 years of business and marketing experience.
  • I’ve been on social media, even before social media was “cool” and a necessity to build a strong business foundation.
  • Through blogging and leveraging social media I built business and personal connections that propelled me to get offered paid speaking engagements and sponsorship opportunities.



Just for Fun – 5 Cool Things to Know About Me:

  • I have freckles. I used to hate them, but now, I wouldn’t give them up for the world.
  • My best ideas come in the shower. I am determined to discover waterproof pen and paper!
  • An air-conditioned beach café is my dream “office”.
  • I got my passport for the first time 3 years ago and have since traveled internationally each year!
  • When I retire, I want to travel the world and volunteer with various humanitarian organizations.


 Let’s stay connected because I’m all over the internet :