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Kathy Ha

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Daphné these past few months, as she's mentored me step-by-step to build my social media presence with my business, Tutorial to Table.  Daphné and I have been working together on a weekly basis via Google Hangout, e-mail, and telephone.  She has extensive knowledge of different social media platforms, but has been teaching me the ABC's of Facebook and Instagram, as well as explaining the relevance behind the why behind the social media strategy.  She has a great way of looking at overall big picture goals, and breaking them down into feasible steps to accomplish.  Daphné has created objectives and schedules for me in terms of gaining followers, posting, and building overall visibility on social media platforms and getting Tutorial to Table's name out there!  In addition to her social media knowledge, she has also been creative and resourceful in assisting me develop my e-mail newsletter.


Daphné Leblanc has been an invaluable resource for my business and me. She is well versed in a number of different social media applications and is very down-to- Earth, likeable, and easy to work with. Prior to even hiring Daphné for any paid services, she took the time to talk with me and helped me to understand the “techie” terms that are so often misunderstood by individuals who do not have a background in technology… people like me. In a matter of minutes, I knew that Daphné was the real deal. Not only did she provide me with valuable insight on how to set up my first WordPress website, but she even went a step further and helped me to explore which templates, fonts and colors I should choose. I highly recommend Daphné and her services to anyone who is a real DIY type, but is overwhelmed by all of the online jargon. Your time will be well spent!


Daphne is masterful as it relates to tech and social media for business. I have had the opportunity several new, innovative, and modern approaches to online marketing from working with Daphne. One of the things that I admire the most about Daphne is her keen attention to detail and her relatable training style. She is able to train in a way that makes it easy for less experienced users to understand, yet still intrigue and captivate the attention of the more experienced users. I highly recommend Daphne if you are looking for a masterfully talented consultant/trainer.


Daphné has integrity and truly cares about the fate of my business. From first contact with Daphné I was impressed. She knew exactly what I needed as a new business owner - showing me the potential of Social Media and to helping me craft a clear, focused marketing strategy. The results thus far have been excellent and I would highly recommend her services.



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Akilah Hill Pitts.png

I had never met with a Social Media Strategist/Coach prior to speaking with Daphne so I wasn't sure what to expect. OH MY WORD!  After one session, I was literally floored by all the different concepts and strategies she shared with me that I had never considered.  She wasn't afraid to tell me what I needed to hear when it came to the best approach to take with marketing my business via social media to become a game changer in my industry. She even pointed out ways that I could funnel more wealth into my business that I had completely overlooked.  I'm telling you that, as my wheels started spinning, so many ideas came as a result of our session together that I couldn't write everything down fast enough.  But the main thing that I really loved about what Daphne taught me was that each actionable idea was something that I could do without overwhelming my already busy schedule.  It complimented my business.  It complimented my style.  She understood what I wanted to accomplish and with her help, there is no doubt that I am on my way!